How to get help

New partners

If you're interested in integrating with Reserve with Google, complete this interest form.

Existing partners

Filing an inquiry or complaint

If you are a current Reserve with Google partner and have a question or complaint, you can create a new case in the Partner Portal to contact us. From within the Partner Portal, you can access your case history from going to the Help and Support > Cases page. To create a new case, fill in the "How can we help?" box and click "Start" to go to the new case form.

When creating a new case, you will be asked a few questions that will allow us to better assist you. Please answer these questions to the best of your ability.

Once you open a case, you will be able to view and respond from your inbox or from the Partner Portal. You will receive an email whenever there is an update to your case. Once a case is closed, you will not be able to respond to that case again and will need to open a new case for any future questions.

Anyone that you grant access to your Partner Portal account (see the Accounts & Users guide on how to manage access) will be able to see any previous cases and respond to any open case from within the Partner Portal. Each case will have a case number that you may reference at any time. In addition, emails we send to you may have a reference id associated with them as well. Please include that reference id, or any other identifiers (such as a merchant id) that are applicable to the case within your inquiry.

Following up on a case

If a case you submitted has been closed and you have a follow up to that case, you can “re-open” it using the Follow up on a case button. This button is located at the top of the closed case when viewing the case from the Partner Portal Help and Support > Cases page.

Your follow up case will appear as a new case within the Partner Portal after you click "Submit".

Filing an appeal

If you are unsatisfied with the result of your complaint, you are able to appeal the decision from within the Partner Portal. Once a case is closed, an "Appeal case" button will appear towards the top of the page when viewing the case in the Partner Portal. You must view the case from within the Partner Portal for the link to appear. To file the appeal, click the "Appeal case" button and complete the form. Your appeal will appear as a new case within the Partner Portal after you click "Submit".