Setting up your contact information

When logging into the Partner Portal you may be presented with a modal requesting the contact information for your account. To help Google provide you support and notifications related to your account, it is required that the contact information is filled in before you are able to access other features within the Partner Portal. Once your contact information is entered the rest of the Partner Portal will be available.

Mandatory information modal

If another person from your organization is better suited to fill in the contact information, you are able to grant them access to the Partner Portal by switching to the Users tab within the modal. Because this contact information is account wide, only one user needs to enter this information.

If you have any questions or need assistance you can still reach out to our support team by using the Contact support link available on the top right corner of the modal or by referring to our How to get help guide.

Once all contact information has been submitted within the modal, the rest of the Partner Portal will be unlocked and you can begin working on your integration. You will be able to update your accounts contact information or user access at any time by using the Accounts and Users page of the Partner Portal.