Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
BlockedOn Issue this issue is blocked on.
BlockedOnUpdate Issue blockedOn updates.
Blocking Issue blocked by this issue.
Cc Entry in the issue cc list.
CcUpdate Issue cc update.
ClosedDate DateTime this issue is closed.
Id Issue ID.
IssueCommentsEntry Describes an issue comments entry.
IssueCommentsFeed Describes an issue comments feed.
IssuesEntry Google Code Project Issues Feed entry.
IssuesFeed Google Code Project Issues Feed.
IssuesLink Extends the base Link class with Project Hosting extensions.
IssuesLink.Rel Link relation type.
Label Issue label.
MergedInto Issue this issue is merged into.
MergedIntoUpdate Issue mergedInto updates.
Owner Issue owner.
OwnerUpdate Issue owner update.
Project Project name.
ProjectHostingNamespace Namespace definitions related to Project Hosting Issue Tracker Data API.
SendEmail Whether or not to send email notifications.
Stars Issue star count.
State Whether the issue is open or closed.
Status Issue status.
Summary Issue summary.
Updates List of metadata updates.
Uri Describes the URI associated with a user.
Username Username of a user.

Enum Summary
State.Value Value.