Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Interface Summary
OAuthSigner Interface for signing OAuth requests.

Class Summary
GoogleOAuthHelper Extends the OAuthHelper class with details specific to making OAuth requests with Google.
GoogleOAuthParameters Defines the parameters necessary for making OAuth requests against Google.
OAuthHelper Helper methods to support the entire OAuth lifecycle, including generating the user authorization url, exchanging the user authenticated request token for an access token, and generating the Authorization http header.
OAuthHmacSha1Signer Signs strings using HMAC-SHA1.
OAuthHttpClient A simple client for making http requests and returning the response body.
OAuthParameters Container for OAuth-related parameters.
OAuthRsaSha1Signer Signs strings using RSA-SHA1.
OAuthUtil A general container for methods related to OAuth.
RsaSha1PrivateKeyHelper A collection of methods to load an RSA-SHA1 PrivateKey object from various sources.
TwoLeggedOAuthHelper Provides common OAuth message signing and Authorization header functionality.

Enum Summary
OAuthParameters.OAuthType Type of OAuth for this parameter set (i.e., two-legged or three-legged OAuth (see "").

Exception Summary
OAuthException Generic exception to capture all OAuth related issues.