Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
Adjustments Adjustment information for one attribute (GoogleBaseAttribute).
AttributeHistogram Histogram information for one attribute, described in an entry using attributes in the gm: namespace.
AttributeHistogram.UniqueValue A value, as a string, and the number of times the value appears in the result set for the current query.
DateTimeRange A date or date/time range, with a start and end DateTime.
FeedURLFactory Provides feed URLs that can be used with a GoogleBase server.
GmAttributes Java representation for the gm:attributes tag for in the itemtypes feed.
GmAttributes.GmAttribute The information defining an attribute, as contained by the gm:attribute element in the itemtypes feed.
GmDisapproved Object representation of the gm:disapproved tag.
GmItemType Java representation for the gm:item_type tag found in the item type feed.
GmPublishingPriority Object representation of the gm:publishing_priority tag.
GoogleBaseAttribute An internal representation for a tag in the g: namespace.
GoogleBaseAttributeId The definition (name and type) of a Google Base attribute.
GoogleBaseAttributesExtension Keeps track of attributes in the g: namespace.
GoogleBaseAttributeType Attribute types.
GoogleBaseEntry An object corresponding to one entry in a Google Base Atom XML file.
GoogleBaseFeed An ATOM feed containing entries of type GoogleBaseEntry.
GoogleBaseMediaEntry Media entry representing a media attachment of a Google Base item.
GoogleBaseMediaFeed Media feed used for managing the media attachments for one Google Base Item.
GoogleBaseQuery Adds support for the "bq" and "max-values" parameters to a gdata query.
GoogleBaseService Creates a Google data service with extensions specific to Google Base.
GoogleBaseService.Versions The Versions class contains all released versions of the Google Base API
Group Group type holds multiple sub-attributes.
ItemTypeDescription A description of an item type done by the gm: tags in a google base entry.
Location Object representation of a location; an address and optionally latitude and longitude.
MetadataEntryExtension Handle gm: attributes found in histogram and item types feeds.
NumberUnit<T extends Number> A number with a unit.
ServiceError One error found in the body of a ServiceException or in the content of a BatchStatus.
ServiceErrors Extracts and organizes error messages from a ServiceException or from a BatchStatus.
Shipping Shipping information, defined using destination country, a region, a price (in the item's currency), and a shipping service.
Stats Object representation for the tag gm:stats.
Stats.Statistics Information about one specific use (impressions, clicks, page views).
Tax Tax information
Thumbnail Class representing parsed information for one thumbnail: the size (in pixels) and the Url for accessing the image.

Enum Summary
GmAttributes.GmAttribute.Importance Enumeration defining the importance levels that an attribute can have.
GmPublishingPriority.Value Possible values for the indexing element.