Bulk Sheet Entity Reference

Entity: Floodlight publisher tags

IDRequired only when editing an existing entity.StringNumeric ID value of the tag. If left blank, a new tag will be created and a unique ID will be assigned.
Floodlight activity IDYesStringNumeric ID value of the parent Floodlight activity. You can specify any alphanumeric identifier for an activity that you are creating at the same time as this tag. You must also include corresponding Floodlight activity row in the parent "Floodlight activities" tab.
Site IDYesLongNumeric ID value of the site where the publisher tag is served.
CodeYesStringHTML code that you want to serve whenever a user visits a webpage containing the associated Floodlight tags. Tags have a limit of 12,000 characters per Floodlight activity, but any tags over 4,000 characters can slow down page loading times.
LengthNoLongLength of the tag's code. Read-only.
Conversion typeYesEnumThe type of conversion for which the publisher tag is served. When a user visits your Floodlight page after clicking on one of your ads, the ad server delivers the publisher tags associated with the site where the user clicked.
Possible values:
'Click through' | 'View through' | 'Both'.
DeleteNoBooleanSpecifies whether this tag will be deleted and removed from the Floodlight activity. Only applies for existing tags.
Possible values: 'Yes' | 'No'