Bulk Sheet Entity Reference

Entity: Audiences

IDRequired only when editing an existing entity.StringNumeric ID value of the audience. If left blank, a new audience will be created and a unique ID will be assigned.
NameYesStringThe name of the audience.
Advertiser ID (Read-only)NoLongNumeric ID value of the Advertiser who owns the audience.
Ownership (Read-only)NoEnumThe type of ownership of the audience with respect to the current advertiser.
Possible values:
'Owned' | 'Shared'.
Floodlight activity IDYesStringNumeric ID value of the parent Floodlight activity. You can specify any alphanumeric identifier for an activity that you are creating at the same time as the audience.
Floodlight activity name (Read-only)NoStringThe name of the Floodlight activity associated with the audience.
Audience typeNoEnumThe type of the rule of the audience.
Possible values:
'All visitors' | 'Custom rule' | 'Other'.
Membership lifespanNoLongThe number of days a user remains a member of an audience before being removed due to inactivity. The default value is 30 days.
DescriptionNoStringThe description of the audience.
StatusNoEnumThe status of the audience. Archiving (deactivating) a list prevents it from collecting additional users, but it won’t deactivate the ad associated with the list. Existing users will remain on the list until their memberships expire.
Possible values:
'Active' | 'Archived'.
Source (Read-only)NoEnumThe source of the audience.
Number of members (Read-only)NoLongThe number of members on the audience.
Shared advertiser IDsNoListThe numaric ID values of the advertisers to whom the audience is shared. When updating the existing audience, use the advertiser IDs to add and the negative advertiser IDs to remove. The field will only display up to 1000 IDs in the downloaded sheet. A '"TRUNCATED"' prefix will be added to the field if the audience is shared to more than 1000 advertisers.