The Campaign Manager 360 API v3.4 is deprecated and will be sunset on Jan 10th, 2022. All users must migrate to a newer API version by that date.

Bulk Sheet Entity Reference

Entity: Floodlight default tags

IDRequired only when editing an existing entity.StringNumeric ID value of the tag. If left blank, a new tag will be created and a unique ID will be assigned.
Floodlight activity IDYesStringNumeric ID value of the parent Floodlight activity. You can specify a custom identifier (for example, "ext[custom activity ID]") for an activity that you are creating at the same time as this tag.
NameYesStringThe name of the entity.
CodeYesStringHTML code that you want to serve whenever a user visits a webpage containing the associated Floodlight tags. Tags have a limit of 12,000 characters per Floodlight activity, but any tags over 4,000 characters can slow down page loading times.
LengthNoLongLength of the tag's code. Read-only.
DeleteNoBooleanSpecifies whether this tag will be deleted and removed from the Floodlight activity. Only applies for existing tags.
Possible values: 'Yes' | 'No'