REST Resource: courses.aliases

Resource: CourseAlias

Alternative identifier for a course.

An alias uniquely identifies a course. It must be unique within one of the following scopes:

  • domain: A domain-scoped alias is visible to all users within the alias creator's domain and can be created only by a domain admin. A domain-scoped alias is often used when a course has an identifier external to Classroom.

  • project: A project-scoped alias is visible to any request from an application using the Developer Console project ID that created the alias and can be created by any project. A project-scoped alias is often used when an application has alternative identifiers. A random value can also be used to avoid duplicate courses in the event of transmission failures, as retrying a request will return ALREADY_EXISTS if a previous one has succeeded.

JSON representation
  "alias": string


Alias string. The format of the string indicates the desired alias scoping.

  • d:<name> indicates a domain-scoped alias. Example: d:math_101
  • p:<name> indicates a project-scoped alias. Example: p:abc123

This field has a maximum length of 256 characters.



Creates an alias for a course.


Deletes an alias of a course.


Returns a list of aliases for a course.