Data Transfer v2.0

Data Transfer v2.0 provides raw reporting data that can deliver analytics beyond standard reporting. When Google Marketing Platform processes reporting data, some of it is flagged for Data Transfer. Once the process is complete, Data Transfer files are available in Google Cloud Storage (GCS). To take full advantage of Data Transfer, your organization will need to: extract, transform, and load large files, administer a database, and implement scripts.


  • Impression and click files are delivered 24 times a day (one for each hour). Process time can vary by file, so files may appear out of order. Activity files are delivered daily.

  • Match table files, and Floodlight activity files are delivered daily.

  • Processing for activity files and match table files begins at midnight in your configured reporting timezone, and files are delivered as soon as complete.

  • Files are available in Google Cloud Storage for 60 days. After 60 days files are deleted.


  • Data Transfer files provide impression, click, rich media, and floodlight activity data in a log level format. Match tables files are used to reduce individual file size while still providing robust data. See a complete list of Data Transfer 2.0 fields.

  • Display & Video 360 users can include Display & Video 360 fields in Data Transfer reports. These fields are added to the regular DCM Data Transfer files.

  • All Data Transfer and match table files are comma-delimited and support UTF-8 encoding.


  • Comma separators: All files in Data Transfer 2.0, including match table files, use commas ( , ) as separators.

  • Special characters wrapped in quotation marks: For fields containing special characters, the contents of the field are wrapped in quotation marks ( " ).

  • UTF-8 encoding: All Data Transfer and match table files support UTF-8 encoding.