Migration from DT v1.0

To assist users migrating from DT v1.0, this page provides a mapping between old and (where available) new fields and files.

We suggest that you first work through the getting started guide, this will ensure than you can retrieve your data files. Next, check out the release notes for differences in how the two systems behave. Finally, use the data below to help map fields in those files from the previous version.

Data Transfer Fields

1.0 field name DT v2.0 field name
event_type Event Type
event_sub_type Event Sub Type
auction_id DBM Auction ID
event_time Event Time
view_time Deprecated
request_time DBM Request Time
advertiser_id DBM Advertiser ID
insertion_order_id DBM Insertion Order ID
line_item_id DBM Line Item ID
creative_id DBM Creative ID
floodlight_id Activity ID
bid_price_usd_nanos DBM Bid Price (USD)
bid_price_partner_currency_nanos DBM Bid Price (Partner Currency)
bid_price_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Bid Price (Advertiser Currency)
winning_price_usd_nanos DBM Media Cost (USD)
winning_price_partner_currency_nanos DBM Media Cost (Partner Currency)
winning_price_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Media Cost (Advertiser Currency)
partner_revenue_usd_nanos DBM Revenue (USD)
partner_revenue_partner_currency_nanos DBM Revenue (Partner Currency)
partner_revenue_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Revenue (Advertiser Currency)
total_media_cost_usd_nanos DBM Total Media Cost (USD)
total_media_cost_partner_currency_nanos DBM Total Media Cost (Partner Currency)
total_media_cost_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Total Media Cost (Advertiser Currency)
cpm_additional_cost1_usd_nanos DBM CPM Fee 1 (USD)
cpm_additional_cost1_partner_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 1 (Partner Currency)
cpm_additional_cost1_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 1 (Advertiser Currency)
cpm_additional_cost2_usd_nanos DBM CPM Fee 2 (USD)
cpm_additional_cost2_partner_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 2 (Partner Currency)
cpm_additional_cost2_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 2 (Advertiser Currency)
cpm_additional_cost3_usd_nanos DBM CPM Fee 3 (USD)
cpm_additional_cost3_partner_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 3 (Partner Currency)
cpm_additional_cost3_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 3 (Advertiser Currency)
cpm_additional_cost4_usd_nanos DBM CPM Fee 4 (USD)
cpm_additional_cost4_partner_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 4 (Partner Currency)
cpm_additional_cost4_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 4 (Advertiser Currency)
cpm_additional_cost5_usd_nanos DBM CPM Fee 5 (USD)
cpm_additional_cost5_partner_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 5 (Partner Currency)
cpm_additional_cost5_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM CPM Fee 5 (Advertiser Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_1_usd_nanos DBM Media Fee 1 (USD)
percent_media_additional_cost_1_partner_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 1 (Partner Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_1_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 1 (Advertiser Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_2_usd_nanos DBM Media Fee 2 (USD)
percent_media_additional_cost_2_partner_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 2 (Partner Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_2_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 2 (Advertiser Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_3_usd_nanos DBM Media Fee 3 (USD)
percent_media_additional_cost_3_partner_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 3 (Partner Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_3_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 3 (Advertiser Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_4_usd_nanos DBM Media Fee 4 (USD)
percent_media_additional_cost_4_partner_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 4 (Partner Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_4_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 4 (Advertiser Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_5_usd_nanos DBM Media Fee 5 (USD)
percent_media_additional_cost_5_partner_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 5 (Partner Currency)
percent_media_additional_cost_5_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Media Fee 5 (Advertiser Currency)
data_cost_usd_nanos DBM Data Fees (USD)
data_cost_partner_currency_nanos DBM Data Fees (Partner Currency)
data_cost_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Data Fees (Advertiser Currency)
billable_cost_usd_nanos DBM Billable Cost (USD)
billable_cost_partner_currency_nanos DBM Billable Cost (Partner Currency)
billable_cost_advertiser_currency_nanos DBM Billable Cost (Advertiser Currency)
universal_site_id DBM Site ID
language DBM Language
adx_page_categories DBM Adx Page Categories
matching_targeted_keywords DBM Matching Targeted Keywords
exchange DBM Exchange ID
attributed_inventory_source_external_id DBM Attributed Inventory Source External ID
attributed_inventory_source_is_public DBM Attributed Inventory Source Is Public
ad_position DBM Ad Position
ip Deprecated
country DBM Country Code
dma_code DBM Designated Market Area (DMA) ID
postal_code DBM ZIP/Postal Code
geo_region_id DBM State/Region ID
city_id DBM City ID
os_id DBM Operating System ID
browser_id DBM Browser/Platform ID
browser_timezone_offset_minutes DBM Browser Timezone Offset Minutes
net_speed DBM Net Speed
user_id User ID
dmp_user_id Partner 1 ID
matching_targeted_segments DBM Matching Targeted Segments
isp_id DBM ISP ID
device_type DBM Device Type
mobile_make_id DBM Mobile Make ID
mobile_model_id DBM Mobile Model ID

Entity Read Files

These remain the same in DT v2.0, see Entity Read Files Format - V2.