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Android Enterprise is no longer accepting new registrations for custom device policy controllers (DPC) using the Google Play EMM API. All new EMM solutions should now use Android Management API, which comes with its own DPC provided by Google.

For information on how to build a public solution using the Android Management API, see Develop your solution and Release your solution.

About Android Management API

Android Management API offers Android's full range of device and app management capabilities. Its companion DPC, Android Device Policy, is provided and maintained by Google. Android Device Policy automatically handles on-device policy enforcement set by the API.

This solution eliminates the need for EMM developers to create, update, and maintain their own custom DPC, and significantly reduces the development effort required to integrate new features as they become available.

Continued support for Google Play EMM API

Android Enterprise remains committed to supporting the Google Play EMM API for existing EMM community members who already have a custom DPC with a validated solution set. However, we're no longer accepting new registrations for custom DPCs that use the Play EMM API.