Delete apps

Manually delete apps

Users can delete apps manually from their device unless the device’s DPC restricts them from doing so. If the app is still available in the managed Google Play store, the user can re-install the app.

Prevent users from deleting apps

At the DPC-level, you can prevent users from deleting specific apps using DevicePolicyManager.setUninstallBlocked.

Remove apps from the managed Play Store

Removing an app from the Device's policy prevents new installs and updates of the app on that device. However the app is not uninstalled automatically.

Delete apps

To delete an app from a user's device, call Installs.delete.

Reclaim paid app licenses

Uninstalling an app doesn’t delete a user’s entitlement to the app. Call Entitlements.delete to dissociate an entitlement from a user and release the user’s license for the app.