Find public apps

Your customers can browse public apps on the Google Play store, and you can also add this feature to your EMM console by embedding the managed Google Play iframe.

From the Google Play store

You can find an app's package name by visiting the Google Play Store. For example, the URL of the Google Chrome app page is:

The app's package name is and the corresponding product ID is

From the managed Play iframe in your console

The managed Google Play iframe is an embeddable version of the managed Google Play Store that you can render inside your console.

The iframe's Search apps page functions similarly to the Google Play store. IT admins can browse for apps, view an app's details, and select the app in order to pass the product ID back to your EMM console.

managed Google Play iframe
Figure 1. The managed Google Play iframe showing the Search apps page.

For detailed guidance on how to embed the managed Google Play iframe into your EMM console, see Managed Google Play iframe.