Applications for the Google Analytics Technology Partner Program are temporarily closed. Please check back later.

Partner Gallery Requirements and Application

Developers must complete and submit an online application to be considered for listing in the Google Analytics Partner Gallery. Only Technology Partners can apply.

You must be a Google Marketing Platform Technology Partner.

Partner Gallery listings are only available to Google Marketing Platform Technology Partners. Learn more about the Technology Partner Program, and how to join.

Use the most recent Collection libraries, SDKs, or APIs and properly handle authorization and authentication.

All apps must be using current and supported versions of the Collection libraries, SDKs, and APIs. If you’re using the Reporting and/or Configuration APIs, you must also correctly handle quota, errors and retries, and rate limiting. Additionally, if your app accesses a user’s Google Analytics account or data, you must use the most recent Google Accounts Authentication and Authorization protocol to properly handle authentication tokens and auth states.

Provide information and a description of your app.

You must be able to provide information about your app that helps explain it to potential users, including the primary use and business purpose of the app, the value it provides, and the pricing options (free or paid). You must also write an overview and description of the app that include information about how the app integrates with a user’s Google Analytics account or data.

Provide links to an app landing page, data usage policy, and user support.

You must provide links for the following: An app landing page for users to get more information or download your app; a data usage policy that’s easy to find and access, and clearly states how your app uses Google Analytics data (either an independent page or clearly titled section within your longer data policy is acceptable); accessible and clearly stated support options for users (any support type is acceptable, including FAQs, user-to-user help, online self-help, or direct support).

Use the conventions of written Standard English in your Partner Gallery application and within your app.

If your application for the Partner Gallery does not use the conventions of written Standard English, it will not be accepted. We also ask that the app itself use Standard English. We’re sorry that we cannot accept apps in other languages at this time, though we hope to in the future.

Application process