Booking Server Skeleton for PHP

This is a reference implementation of API v3 Booking Server based on PHP


Requires an installation of

Getting Started

The Booking Server is implemented using PHP and Apache. To properly route the requests, it makes use of the .htaccess file, so make sure that AllowOverride is enabled for the directory.

You must set up a SSL certificate, and have all requests served over HTTPS. If your server does not already have an SSL certificate setup, you can review the Apache SSL/TLS documentation.

The PHP implementation does not rely upon protocol buffer libraries, but instead, relies on simple JSON serialization methods.

To download the project, execute the following command:

git clone

The entire code base consists of only three files:

  • .htaccess instructs apache to route all of the /v3/ requests through bookingserver.php
  • bookingserver.php handles the request logic, including authentication
  • apiv3methods.php has the methods implementing API v3 interface

After you download the files, you should place them in a servable directory. Note that whichever directory you put them in will become the parent to the /v3/ directory, which you do not need to explicitly create.

Testing your Booking Server

You may download and run the booking test utility. To install it, follow the provided installation instructions in its README page.