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Discussion groups

We have two public discussion groups about Google Public NTP:

  • public-ntp-discuss

    This is a forum for presenting and discussing new ideas, products, and initiatives that improve NTP infrastructure across the Internet. You can also use it to provide feedback on Google Public NTP features. Do not use this to report security-related issues; report them at

  • public-ntp-announce

    This is a read-only list where you can get information on new versions, releases, and features of Google Public NTP, as well as current status of the service.

Reporting issues

If you encounter a problem with Google Public NTP, post to public-ntp-discuss. This shares your report publicly, and allows you to get feedback from other Google Public NTP users. If your report is security-related, do not post it here; instead use

Include the following information in your report:

  • The date and time you encountered the problem
  • Your location
  • The platform on which you are noticing the problem (e.g., Mac, Windows, router, etc.)
  • Whether the problem is continuous or intermittent