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The questions below are specifically targeted for the Google Sites Data API. There are, however, many questions that are applicable to all of the Google Data APIs. Visit the Google Data APIs FAQ if you do not find the question you are looking for below.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Do you have any tips or short sample code for common issues?
You should browse the Google Data API Tips Blog for help with both our client libraries and making raw requests. The Client Libraries and Sample Code page also lists some additional resources.
What are the available client libraries supported by Google?

Java, .NET, PHP, Python and Objective-C client libraries are officially supported by Google. Using these libraries, you can construct Google Data requests, send them to a service, and process server responses.

Where can I find a Developer Guide in each language?

Developer Guides for the HTTP XML Protocol and other languages can be found at

What is the AuthSub/OAuth scope?

The Sites Data API uses the following scope:

What is the ClientLogin service name?


How do I list all my Sites?

The site feed can be used to list the sites a user owns and/or has access to.

Can I create a new Google Site?

Yes. Google Workspace users can use the site feed to create new sites programmatically. We hope to open this features to all users in the future.

Can I delete an existing Google Site?

At this time, the API does not support deleting an existing site. Deleting sites must be done in the Google Sites control panel.

How do I copy a site?

Google Workspace users can use the site feed to copy a site if you are an owner. You can also manually copy a site in the Google Sites settings page.

How do I set/modify ACLs (sharing permissions)?

The acl feed offers this functionality.

How do I retrieve the sitemap?

Normally a sitemap refers to a sitemap.xml file used to help search engines index a website. In Google Sites, a 'sitemap' refers the tree presentation in (More Actions > Manage Site > Pages). While the API does not provide a direct method of retrieving this page hierarchy, the sitemap can be inferred from examining the parent links in each content entry. Each content entry is a leaf or node of the sitemap tree.

Why don't I have access to the revisions/activity feed?

You must be a collaborator, owner, or admin of a Site to view its revision and activity feeds.

What are the filesize limits for attachments?

Please see:

I have a feature request or bug report. Where should I post?

To report a bug, post a detailed description on our issue tracker, here

To report a feature request, post a detailed description here