Get started

General setup

If you are using the Lookup API or the Update API you need a Google Account, a Google Developer Console project, and an API key. You also need to activate the Safe Browsing APIs for use with your project.

If you need additional help with the steps below, check out the Google API Console Help Center.

1. Get an account

You need a Google Account in order to create a project. If you don't already have an account, sign up at Create your Google Account.

2. Create a project

You need a Google Developer Console project in order to create an API key. If you don't already have a project, see Create, shut down, and restore projects.

3. Set up an API key

You need an API key to access the Safe Browsing APIs. An API key authenticates you as an API user and allows you to interact with the APIs. You pass this key as a URL parameter in your HTTP requests to the Safe Browsing server. For example, substitute your API key for API_KEY shown here:

To set up an API key, see Setting up API keys. Your new API key appears in a table—copy and paste this key as needed.

4. Activate the API

Finally, you need to activate the Safe Browsing API for use with your project. To learn how to do this, see Activate and deactivate APIs. The API to enable is referred to as "Safe Browsing APIs."

Database setup

If you are using the Update API you also need to set up a local database. Safe Browsing provides a Go package you can use to get going. For more information, see the Database Setup section under Local Databases.

Using the APIs

Before you begin, read our Terms of Service and Pricing guides. Also, review and make sure you understand the Usage Limits for the Safe Browsing APIs.

To start using the Safe Browsing APIs, see these guides: