Get started with IMA for additional platforms and devices

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In addition to the platforms that have native IMA SDKs, you may also be able to integrate IMA with other platforms and devices by using the native SDKs to develop applications for compatible platforms. For example, devices that support embedded HTML5 applications may be compatible with the IMA HTML5 SDK.

IMA SDK compatibility

This section provides a non-exhaustive list of additional platforms that may be compatible with IMA SDKs.

Platform IMA client-side IMA DAI
Amazon Fire TV Android client-side SDK Android DAI SDK
Samsung Smart TV (Tizen) HTML5 client-side SDK DAI API
LG TV (select models) HTML5 client-side SDK DAI API
HbbTV HTML5 client-side SDK DAI API
Xbox (JavaScript apps) HTML5 client-side SDK DAI API
KaiOS HTML5 client-side SDK DAI API

If you're interested in integrating IMA additional platforms or devices not listed on this page, contact your Google account representative or reach out to us via the IMA Forum.