Drive Activity API v1 has reached the end of its deprecation period and is shutting down as announced in December 2018. Migrate to API v2 as soon as possible to avoid disruptions to your application.


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Information about the target of activity.

JSON representation
  "teamDrive": {
    object (TeamDrive)

  // Union field object can be only one of the following:
  "driveItem": {
    object (DriveItem)
  "drive": {
    object (Drive)
  "fileComment": {
    object (FileComment)
  // End of list of possible types for union field object.

object ( TeamDrive )

This field is deprecated; please use the drive field instead.

Union field object . The type of target object. object can be only one of the following:

object ( DriveItem )

The target is a Drive item.


object ( Drive )

The target is a shared drive.


object ( FileComment )

The target is a comment on a Drive file.