Get Classroom test accounts or domains

Standard Gmail accounts can access Classroom, so many use cases can be tested without requesting any special resources like test accounts or domains. Only request a test domain if you are attempting to test some behavior that only applies to Google Workspace for Education users (for instance, special Google Workspace for Education administrator functionality).

Request a Google Workspace for Education test domain

You can get a test domain for either administrative tests or development. All test domains include:

  • Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals
  • 30 Chrome Education upgrade licenses
  • Ability to add more products as needed

Get an administrative test domain

If you need to test the administrator permissions of the API (for example, to create courses on behalf of teachers), you need a Google Workspace for Education test domain.

To get a Google Workspace for Education demo test domain, join the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Members receive access to the Google for Education page of Partner Advantage. This page describes how to access our prebuilt Google Workspace for Education demo environment that can assist with customer demos, product troubleshooting, feature testing, and more.

Get a developer test domain

Complete the following to get a developer demo domain. This is a Google Workspace for Education domain with a Fundamentals license.

  1. Purchase a domain in the format gedu.demo.YOUR DOMAIN. For example, an organization that operates the domain should create Demo domains must follow this format.
  2. Ask Google to verify that you own the demo domain.
  3. Sign up for Google Workspace for Education using the demo domain. This starts a two-week trial period.

  4. Fill out this form to notify Google of your domain registration. All requests for partner domains are reviewed by the partner manager.