Developer's Guide

The Blogger Data API allows client applications to view and update Blogger content in the form of Google Data API feeds.

Your client application can use the Blogger Data API to create new blog posts, edit or delete existing blog posts, and query for blog posts that match particular criteria.

This developer's guide consists of the following sections. Note that some client libraries have been upgraded to work with version 2.0 of the Data API, while other client libraries use version 1.0.

To learn about the client library for a particular programming language, select the corresponding section. To learn more about the underlying protocol used by all the client libraries, select the Protocol section.

Each section of the guide covers the same material: how to get started and how to perform basic operations using a particular client library.

For information on how to migrate your client from version 1 to version 2, and information on what's changed in version 2, see the Google Data APIs Migration Guide.

In addition to the developer's guide and the reference material, we provide articles on several useful topics.

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