Feedback and support

Submit documentation feedback

To submit documentation feedback, click SEND FEEDBACK in the top right of the menu bar and select Documentation feedback.

Ask a question on Stack Overflow

If you have questions about Android Management API or Android Device Policy as you develop your solution, ask them on Stack Overflow, using the tag android-management-api.

Report missing features

To suggest a feature or report missing functionality, click SEND FEEDBACK in the top right of the menu bar and select Product Feedback.

In the form, describe the specific functionality that you would like to see added. If possible, include details about use cases for the feature and the new opportunities it would create for you.

Report bugs

To report a bug in the service itself, tap the three vertical dots in the top right of the device setup screen, and then select Help and feedback. You can also click on the three vertical dots in the top right of the Android Device Policy app after device setup is complete. To provide additional details about the bug, select Include screenshots and logs.

Alternatively, you can report bugs using the SEND FEEDBACK button in the top right of the menu bar. Select Product feedback and include the following information in the form:

  • The actual behavior (description of the bug), and the expected behavior.

  • Steps to recreate the bug and a small snippet of sample code that can be used to reproduce the problem.

  • Any error message(s) you receive.

  • Details about your development environment, including programming language, library versions, etc.

Known issues

Work profile apps can't configure corporate Wi-Fi networks on certain Android 10 devices

An issue in Android 10 prevents non-DPC apps in the work profile from using WifiConfiguration APIs. This affects developers that use the Android Management API in scenarios where client certificates cannot be included in the server-generated openNetworkConfiguration, such as corporate Wi-Fi configurations with SCEP certificate authentication. Other Wi-Fi management features of Android Management API are not affected by this issue.

This issue was addressed and a fix included in a maintenance release to Android 10 from December 2019, as well as all subsequent versions of Android. Please contact your device manufacturer to determine if a given Android 10 build contains this maintenance release.