Working with Components

The Embed API provides developers several built-in components for querying and displaying report data. All components are built on a common base and thus share many of the same methods. This section provides an overview of how to use those shared methods. For more information about the individual components, see the component reference.

Component Options

Component options are set at creation time via the constructor function by invoking the set method on the instance. To get the state of a component instance at any point you may call get and its current options will be returned.

Component Interaction

Components emit events when something important happens, allowing other components to respond when those events occur. To register a handler with a particular event, simply call the on method. Alternatively, you may use the once method, which is like on but its handler will only be invoked the first time and then automatically removed. To remove a handler you may use the off method.

Usually you'll just listen for the default events emitted by the components, but if you need to emit your own event, you can do so via the emit method.

Analytics Client Library

The Embed API also loads the Google Analytics client library, which gives you access to many of the other Google Analytics APIs should you need them.

The following APIs are available at these namespaces: