How to optimize your Ordering End-to-End integration

To optimize your Ordering End-to-End integration and ensure a positive user experience, we recommend focusing on the following best practices:

  • Order fee accuracy & transparency: Ensure you have accurate and reliable information upfront for users, preventing sticker shock at checkout.
  • Integration health: Ensure orders are processing successfully from a technical standpoint - see integration health benchmarks in the Launch readiness checklist. Review metrics reported in the Fulfillment API dashboard along with top checkout and submit errors.
  • Reporting & funnel insights: Utilize reporting to understand areas for improvement within your customer ordering flow - see the description of the Business Overview dashboard for more details.
  • Menu quality: Ensure your menus have the right level of information users need to make an ordering decision (descriptions, imagery, dietary information, etc).
  • Promotions: If you have available deals and promotions, you can implement using the How to process promotions instructions.
  • Ensure the Order Online button is successfully surfacing for your merchants: Review the Restaurant count by status table and the status for each restaurant using the Restaurant Status Report.
  • Business Preferred: Merchants have the ability to highlight your option as preferred within the product experience. For more information, view Manage online ordering options.