Country expansions guide

After you launch, you might want to expand to a new country. Your internal Actions Center configuration governs in which countries your menus appear. As a result, production restaurants that upload in new countries are not shown to users unless your integration has been authorized for that country.

Country expansions can be done in a self-serve manner with reactive support, on the condition that you're leveraging your existing integration to complete the expansion.


The following are the prerequisites for expansion:

  1. You must have an agreement signed for the country you want to expand. Reach out to your Google business partner to request an expansion.
  2. You must be willing to use your existing Actions Center project and infrastructure to complete the expansion. Otherwise, it's considered a new integration.
  3. Your active integration must meet the Launch Readiness Checklist.

Supported Countries

Country Country Code Eligible for expansion Notes
United States US Supported Shared agreement with Canada
Canada CA Supported Shared agreement with United States
Australia AU Supported
United Kingdom UK Supported* Requires additional support due to 3DS2
Germany DE Supported* Requires additional support due to 3DS2

Integration steps for United States and Canada

If you're expanding from the United States to Canada, or from Canada to the United States, they can be treated as the same integration. The only prerequisite is your existing integration is healthy.

  1. Reach out to your Google business partner to request an expansion.
  2. Wait for confirmation that the new country has been enabled. We may request your integration meets the Launch Readiness Checklist before the new country is enabled.

Integration Steps for other countries

The following are the integration steps to expand to other countries:

  1. Reach out to your Google business partner to request an expansion. They ensure your agreement covers the country of expansion and assign a Google technical consultant that can verify your expansion.
  2. Create a localization for the new country in the Actions Center.
  3. Upload the restaurants and supporting entities intended to be launched in the Sandbox environment and resolve all validation errors.
  4. Run the integration tests with "Sandbox" selected in the Actions Center until the success rate is at least 95%.
    1. If you aren't using Stripe or Braintree for payments, the SubmitOrder integration tests can be skipped and must be tested in Alpha testing.
  5. Conduct Alpha Testing and User Acceptance Testing on your expansion to ensure end-to-end ordering and payment flow works correctly.
  6. Ensure your expansion meets the Launch Readiness Checklist
  7. Reach out to your Google technical contact and request a launch.

Launch Requirements

The following are the launch requirements for expansion:

  1. The sandbox feed should only contain new restaurants as part of the new country launch. The integration tests must be run against these restaurants in the sandbox environment.
  2. The new country expansion must satisfy the Launch Readiness Checklist, in addition to your live integration.
  3. You must place at least 5 successful test orders in Alpha Testing.


  1. Expanding into EMEA requires a payment processor that supports 3DS2.

  2. Some countries require that you list all allergens. Work with your Google business partner to understand applicable regulations for your country.

  3. If expanding into Canada, add a French localization for your brand name, privacy policy, and terms of service.