Healthcare Appointments Brand Configuration

Learn how to create or update your brand in the Partner Portal

Partner brands are surfaced to users in the Healthcare Appointments integration to accurately describe where the inventory originates from. If no brand is specified, the name in the Partner Portal account is used by default.

Adding or updating a brand

Brands can be configured from within the Brands page:


To update a brand ID, click the three dots icon next to the brand ID field and then select Edit to see the following dialog: image

Adding or updating a brand localization

To add a brand localization, click + ADD LOCALIZATION at the bottom left of the Brands page. To update a brand localization, click the three dots icon at the end of the brand's row and then select Edit. In both cases the following dialog should appear:

Use the localization dialog to enter a localization for the brand

US is the only allowed country and en-US is the only allowed language.

Click the Save button to apply your changes.