Booking specification

A Booking is an appointment for an inventory slot. It contains the information needed to identify and make the appointment.

// A booking for an inventory slot
message Booking {
  // ID of this booking (required)
  string booking_id = 1;

  // The appointment slot of this booking (required for CreateBooking and
  // UpdateBooking:modify, but not UpdateBooking:cancel)
  Slot slot = 2;

  // Personal information of the user making the appointment (required for
  // CreateBooking)
  UserInformation user_information = 3;

  // Status of the booking (required for CreateBooking and UpdateBooking:cancel,
  // but not UpdateBooking:modify)
  BookingStatus status = 4;

  // Information about payment transactions that relate to the booking.
  // (optional)
  PaymentInformation payment_information = 5;

  // Information about virtual session related to this booking. (optional)
  VirtualSessionInfo virtual_session_info = 6;

Create a booking

There are two ways to create a Booking:

  • A Booking can be created directly from a Slot.
  • With optional support of Lease, a Lease is created for the Slot first and then finalized into a Booking.

See CreateBooking for details.

Update a booking

A Booking can be updated, i.e., rescheduled or cancelled.
See UpdateBooking for details.

Get status for a booking

Booking status (see BookingStatus) and Prepayment status (see PrepaymentStatus) of a Booking can be read via GetBookingStatus and ListBookings.