UpdateBooking method

The client uses UpdateBooking to modify or cancel an existing booking.

If updating a booking fails due to any business logic error, the error should be populated in the response. See Booking Failure for detailed information.



A request message contains updated information in the booking field, and lists paths of all booking fields to be updated in the update_mask field. For example, the update_mask field of a request that reschedules an existing booking contains the following two paths:

  paths: "slot.start_time"
  paths: "slot.duration"

See FieldMask for additional information.

Return value


Canonical gRPC error codes

  • INVALID_ARGUMENT (if the provided field mask contains invalid values or any of the updated Booking fields are invalid)
  • NOT_FOUND (if the provided booking ID is unknown to the partner)
// Request to update a [ext.maps.booking.partner.v2.Booking]
message UpdateBookingRequest {
  // Field mask of all booking fields to be updated (optional)
  google.protobuf.FieldMask update_mask = 1;

  // The booking to be updated
  // The following fields can be set in a booking:
  // - status, to cancel a booking.
  // - one of the following is required:
  //   - start_time AND duration in the slot, to reschedule a booking.
  //   - party_size (for dining reservations).
  Booking booking = 2;

// Response with the updated [ext.maps.booking.partner.v2.Booking]
message UpdateBookingResponse {
  // The updated booking (required)
  Booking booking = 1;

  // The updated user payment option originally used to pay for this booking.
  // This should be set if the UpdateBookingRequest results in a change to
  // the UserPaymentOption.
  // For instance, if the booking is canceled, the UserPaymentOption should
  // reflect an additional credit to the user. In the case of a multi-use
  // payment option, the current_count should be increased by one to
  // allow the user to create another booking with this payment option. In the
  // case of a single-use payment option, a new single-use user payment option
  // should be returned. (required if altered in update)
  UserPaymentOption user_payment_option = 2;

  // If updating a booking fails, this field should reflect the business logic
  // error (e.g., booking is not cancellable) (required if failure occurs)
  BookingFailure booking_failure = 3;