WebP Community

We invite all webmasters, web developers and browser developers to join the WebP community, where you can share best practices and tips, report on your experience using WebP and help make WebP (and the web) better. We have set up a number of resources to help you get involved.

Code Repositories (git)

To download or browse the libwebp code or test data from our git repositories, see the repo information listed in the WebP section at the WebM Project site. The WebP Codec for Windows project is also listed there. Please follow the WebM Project instructions for submitting patches.

Getting Help and Giving Feedback

To get help, give feedback or discuss ways of improving WebP and its documentation or code, subscribe to the webp-discuss Google Group.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a specific bug, such as an error message, please file an issue in the WebP issue tracker. Use the Security template to privately report a potential vulnerability.