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This API is no longer accessible
This API is no longer accessible. Support for the feature you are searching for has been removed.
Build more accessible Angular apps
Build more accessible Angular apps. 1. Before you begin. Accessibility is a vital part of web development, ensuring that users can perceive, ...
Designing with accessible colors
The Material 3 color system creates accessible color schemes with the dynamic color algorithm, but what does accessibility mean for color?
Write accessible documentation
Key Point: Write documentation that is accessible to people with disabilities. We write our developer documentation with accessibility in mind.
Tech Writing for Accessibility
Tech Writing for Accessibility. Our mission statement is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
Enhancing Accessibility
Send feedback. Enhancing Accessibility. The Maps SDK for Android includes built-in support for accessibility. This section contains a high-level ...
Tech Writing for Accessibility: facilitator's guide
This facilitator's guide helps prepare you to teach Tech Writing for Accessibility. This is a 90-minute instructor-led course.
Accessibility to Healthcare 2019
This global accessibility map enumerates land-based travel time (in minutes) to the nearest hospital or clinic for all areas between 85 degrees north and 60 ...
Automated Accessibility Testing using Espresso
Automated Accessibility Testing using Espresso. 1. Introduction. Last Updated: 2020-04-21. What you'll learn. There are several high-level ...
Marker Accessibility
Marker Accessibility. This example creates five markers which are accessible. The first marker receives focus when tab is pressed; you can then use the ...