Food Menu Policy & Requirements

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Please read through the following integration eligibility criteria beforebeginning an integration. Partners must adhere to the food menu policies and meet the following requirements to be eligible to integrate. Please note that Google reserves the right to display menu & dish data in ways that are helpful to users.

Failure to meet the requirements and policies may result in integration, merchants or services being suspended or removed from the platform.

Food Menu Policy & Requirements

  1. Partners must have a direct and active business relationship with all merchants on whose behalf menus are shared.
  2. Partners must not send prohibited information (see details) in menu feed such as foul language, prohibited images, personally identifiable information (PII) or user generated content.
  3. Partners should not use the menu feed to share non-menu items such as services (ex: curbside, promotion codes, etc.).
  4. Partners are required to provide all required data in menu spec (max file size 2MB). The technical requirements are addressed in the spec by marking fields as optional/required.
  5. Partners should only provide menu items available for the corresponding restaurant locations.
  6. Partners must send a complete menu for each location. Merchants with incomplete menus may not be eligible for display.
  7. Partners and merchants are required to ensure menus are accurate and should provide updates on a daily basis.
  8. Menu items photos should be well-lit, feature one in-focus menu item, must not include people or other non-food images, and must conform to image spec (see photo guidelines).
  9. Prices should be shown, per menu item, without tips, taxes or fees; unless required by local laws and ordinances. Partners must explicitly provide local currency.
  10. Specialty menus are supported and should be removed when no longer available (ex: prix fixe, seasonal, limited time specials).