Class: StreamData

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nullable AdProgressData

Timing related information for currently playing ad.


nullable Array of non-null CuePoint

The ad cuepoints for the on-demand stream. These may change as the stream progresses. This will only be populated in the event listener for the CUEPOINTS_CHANGED AdEvent.


nullable string

The error message in the case of a stream error.


nullable string

The format of the stream manifest. This could be either HLS or DASH.


nullable string

The ID used to uniquely identify the current stream.


nullable Array of {url: string, language: string, language_name: string}

The subtitles for the stream being played. This is an array of objects, where each object has a "language", a "language name" which differentiates the specific set of subtitles if multiple sets exist for the same language , and a "url" which points to the subtitles file.


nullable string

The manifest URL of the stream that needs to be played.