Regular Google Ads authorization proceeds as follows:

  1. User logs into Google Ads, specifying their login name and password.
  2. Google Ads verifies user's credentials and establishes a session.
  3. While the session is active, the user is authorized to take campaign management actions.

Scripts, however, are different in that they may execute when the user is not logged in:

  • Scheduled scripts run periodically, whether or not the user happens to be logged in at the time.
  • Scripts may run for up to 30 minutes. The user may have logged out of Google Ads before the script execution has completed.

In effect, scripts are independent entities that take actions on the user's behalf. For that reason, we ask you to explicitly grant scripts permission to execute.

You can review permissions granted to your scripts and other applications by navigating to and clicking "Manage access".

Note: If the original author of a script is disassociated with the Google Ads account from which the script was created, the script will stop running but remain available. We will email the administrators of the Google Ads account when this happens, at which point, they can log in and reauthorize the script.