Setting resources represent settings that users can change from the Calendar UI, such as the user's time zone. They can be retrieved via list and get methods. Note that if a setting has its default value, it might not be returned.

The list of supported settings:

Setting id Description Allowed values Default value
autoAddHangouts Whether to automatically add Hangouts to all events. Note this setting is ignored by the server if the conferenceDataVersion is larger than 0 as it is the client’s responsibility to handle the logic according to this setting. Read only. “true”, “false” “false”
dateFieldOrder What should the order of day (D), month (M) and year (Y) be when displaying dates. ”MDY”, “DMY”, “YMD” ”MDY”
defaultEventLength The default length of events (in minutes) that were created without an explicit duration. positive number “60”
format24HourTime Whether to show the time in 24 hour format. “true”, “false” “false”
hideInvitations Whether to hide events to which the user is invited but hasn’t acted on (for example by responding). “true”, “false” “false”
hideWeekends Whether the weekends should be hidden when displaying a week. “true”, “false” “false”
locale User’s locale. "in", "ca","cs", "da", "de", "en_GB", "en", "es", "es_419", "tl", "fr", "hr", "it", "lv", "lt", "hu", "nl", "no", "pl", "pt_BR", "pt_PT", "ro", "sk", "sl", "fi", "sv", "tr", "vi", "el", "ru", "sr", "uk", "bg", "iw", "ar", "fa", "hi", "th", "zh_TW", "zh_CN", "ja", "ko" “en”
remindOnRespondedEventsOnly Whether event reminders should be sent only for events with the user’s response status “Yes” and “Maybe”. “true”, “false” “false”
showDeclinedEvents Whether events to which the user responded “No” should be shown on the user’s calendar. “true”, “false” “true”
timezone The ID of the user’s timezone. See “Etc/GMT”
useKeyboardShortcuts Whether the keyboard shortcuts are enabled. “true”, “false” “true”
weekStart Whether the week should start on Sunday (0), Monday (1) or Saturday (6). "0", "1", "6" “0”

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

  "kind": "calendar#setting",
  "etag": etag,
  "id": string,
  "value": string
Property name Value Description Notes
etag etag ETag of the resource.
id string The id of the user setting.
kind string Type of the resource ("calendar#setting").
value string Value of the user setting. The format of the value depends on the ID of the setting. It must always be a UTF-8 string of length up to 1024 characters.


Returns a single user setting.
Returns all user settings for the authenticated user.
Watch for changes to Settings resources.