Frequently Asked Questions


What's the latest version of the API?

The latest version of the API that this document addresses is v2.

Can I manage resource configurations using this API?

No. Use the Display & Video 360 API to create, retrieve, and manage Display & Video 360 resources.

Use the API

What URL do I use to access the API?

What methods of authentication are supported?

OAuth 2.0 is the only supported method of authentication. All requests must be authorized for the following scope:


I want to write code. Where can I find client libraries?

Refer to the client library guide.

What Display & Video 360 permissions do I need?

In order to use the Bid Manager API, the authenticating Google Account must be a Display & Video 360 user with access to the partners or advertisers for which you want to retrieve performance data.

The Display & Video 360 user must have one of the following user roles for the partners or advertisers:

  • Reporting only
  • Read
  • Standard
  • Admin
  • Reporting only -- limited (restricted to client-safe reports)

What metrics and filters can I use together in a report?

Reports are subject to a number of restrictions and requirements pertaining to reporting types, filters, dimensions, and metrics.

To avoid debugging these restrictions using the API, use the Display & Video 360 interface to build new reports that adhere to these restrictions.


Does the API have any known issues or limitations?

There are limits on the number of API requests your project can make per second and per day, which are outlined in our usage limits guide.

Are there any additional limitations I should know about?

In addition to the API limits, there are product-wide Display & Video 360 reporting usage quotas that limit the number of reports that your user can have actively scheduled or run in a single day.

Instructions on how to consider these reporting quotas when using the API are available in our reporting best practices.

Where are any relevant changes announced?

Bid Manager API changes are announced on the Google Ads Developer Blog.

Product-wide Display & Video 360 reporting changes are announced on the Display & Video 360 help center.