Multithreaded rendering support

Unity's Multithreaded Rendering option can be enabled in Player settings.

Building for Android

When building for Android, the Multithreaded Rendering option is supported in ARCore SDK for Unity 1.17.0 or later. However, when this option is enabled in Unity 2018.1 and earlier, using the front-facing (selfie) camera is not supported.

The number of textures and memory allocated by ARCore SDK for Unity depends on the rendering mode:

Rendering mode Textures allocated Memory allocated*
Single-threaded 1 ~6 MB
Multithreaded 4 ~24 MB

*In this table, the memory estimates are based on a 1080p GPU resolution, in which case each texture requires approximately 6 MB (1920×1080 resolution × 3 bytes RGB data per pixel).

Performance considerations

Using multithreaded rendering is not guaranteed to provide better performance in all circumstances. The following factors affect real-world performance:

  • Whether the Multithreaded Rendering option is enabled or disabled

  • The app logic

  • The device CPU architecture

  • The operating system scheduling system

Enable multithreaded rendering in Unity

To enable multithreaded rendering, go to Player Settings > Android and select the Multithreaded Rendering option.