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With Google Analytics APIs, you can access a variety of rich datasets. This Google Analytics data is of interest to data analysts and data scientists looking to perform more sophisticated analyses using data on user interactions with websites, mobile apps, and other digital touch points.

Using Google Analytics with R Dec 2014

This article walks through an example that demonstrates how to measure the long-term value of marketing campaigns using Google Analytics data in R.

  • Google Analytics Embed API Jun 2014

    The Google Analytics Embed API is a JavaScript library that allows you to easily create and embed a dashboard on a 3rd party website in a matter of minutes. It gives you a set of pluggable components that can work together to build complex tools, making it both simple and powerful at the same time.

  • Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on March 2014

    The Google Analytics Spreadsheet add-on makes it easier for Google Analytics users to access, visualize, share, and manipulate their data in Google Spreadsheets.

  • Google Analytics superProxy July 2013

    The Google Analytics superProxy allows you to publicly share your Google Analytics reporting data. Use it to power your own custom dashboards and widgets, transform responses to various formats, manage your quota efficiently, test, and much more.