Hello Analytics Reporting API v4; JavaScript quickstart for web applications

This tutorial walks through the steps required to access the Analytics Reporting API v4.

1. Enable the API

To get started using Analytics Reporting API v4, you need to first use the setup tool, which guides you through creating a project in the Google API Console, enabling the API, and creating credentials.

Note: To create a Web Client ID or an Installed Application Client, you need to set a product name in the consent screen. If you have not done so already you will be prompted to Configure consent screen.

Create credentials

  • Open the Credentials page.
  • Click Create credentials and select OAuth client ID
  • For the Application type select Web application.
  • Name the client ID quickstart and click Create.
  • Set the Authorized JavaScript origins to http://localhost:8080
  • Click Create.

2. Setup the sample

You will need to create one file name HelloAnalytics.html, which will contain the HTML and JavaScript code for our example.

  • Copy or download the following source code to HelloAnalytics.html.
  • Replace <REPLACE_WITH_CLIENT_ID> with your client ID created above.
  • Replace <REPLACE_WITH_VIEW_ID> with a view ID. A view ID can be retrieved from the Account Explorer.
<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>Hello Analytics Reporting API V4</title>
  <meta name="google-signin-client_id" content="<REPLACE_WITH_CLIENT_ID>">
  <meta name="google-signin-scope" content="https://www.googleapis.com/auth/analytics.readonly">

<h1>Hello Analytics Reporting API V4</h1>

<!-- The Sign-in button. This will run `queryReports()` on success. -->
<p class="g-signin2" data-onsuccess="queryReports"></p>

<!-- The API response will be printed here. -->
<textarea cols="80" rows="20" id="query-output"></textarea>

  // Replace with your view ID.

  // Query the API and print the results to the page.
  function queryReports() {
      path: '/v4/reports:batchGet',
      root: 'https://analyticsreporting.googleapis.com/',
      method: 'POST',
      body: {
        reportRequests: [
            viewId: VIEW_ID,
            dateRanges: [
                startDate: '7daysAgo',
                endDate: 'today'
            metrics: [
                expression: 'ga:sessions'
    }).then(displayResults, console.error.bind(console));

  function displayResults(response) {
    var formattedJson = JSON.stringify(response.result, null, 2);
    document.getElementById('query-output').value = formattedJson;

<!-- Load the JavaScript API client and Sign-in library. -->
<script src="https://apis.google.com/js/client:platform.js"></script>


3: Run the sample

  • Publish HelloAnalytics.html to your web server and load the page in your browser.
  • Click the Sign in button, and authorize access to Google Analytics.

When you finish these steps, the sample outputs the number of sessions for the last seven days for the given view.