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Quota management and quota increases

Do I qualify for a quota increase?
See requesting additional quota.
What is the maximum daily quota for Analytics API v3 requests?
The maximum queries per second (QPS) per user is 10, which means you can make at most 864,000 requests per day per user. The maximum queries per second (QPS) per project is 20, which means you can make at most 1,728,000 requests per day per project.
What is the maximum quota increase limit for Management API write requests?
The maximum daily quota per project for Management API write requests is 500. We normally don't grant more than 1,000 to 2,000 write requests per project per day. In some cases, we grant higher limits temporarily. Please include your justification in the quota increase request form.
Can I batch Management API requests to save quotas?
For User Permission API requests, you can batch them to save quotas. For other API requests, you can't: Every entry in a batch request counts towards the project's daily quota.
Although our project has low Analytics API quota utilization, we are preparing for the launch of a new project and expecting significantly more users. Can we provisionally request a quota increase?
We strongly encourage you to test realistic load first to make sure you can maintain low error rates for frequent API requests.
My Analytics API request quota usage is well below the project's current allowed quota. Will I lose the increased quota?
We review API request quota usage and revert quota increases if the usage is consistently low for a long time (i.e., several months) or the API request error rate has increased considerably.
I have a default daily quota of 50,000 API requests. Can I ask for 1,000,000?
We increase daily quota by no more than 100%. Thus we can increase your daily quota to 100,000 at most. You can request additional quota as your project's demands grow.
I receive an email that my quota increase request has been approved, but do not see the change. Why?
It takes up to 24 hours for the quota increase to take effect. If you don't see the increase in 48 hours, please let us know by replying the approval confirmation email.
I sent a quota increase request and did not hear anything back for several days. Why?
If you don't get a response 48 hours after your request, check that you've filled out the quota request form correctly and met the minimum requirements before contacting us.
My quota increase request has been denied. What can I do to get an approval?
If your quota increase request is denied, please address the issues mentioned in the denial email. We don't increase your quota when (1) you don't provide reasons for the usage of your proposed quota increase and/or (2) your project has a high error rate.
My Analytics API request error rate is high. Will I lose the increased quota?
Very likely. We review API request quota usage and revert quota increases if the usage is low for a long time (i.e., several months) or the API request error rate has increased.
Regardless of my quota, if I make more than 10,000 API requests per view (profile), I get the dailyLimitExceeded error. Why?
The 10,000 API requests per view (profile) quota cannot be increased.
What are the maximum quotas for Real Time Reporting API requests?
50,000 requests per project per day and 10 queries per second (QPS) per IP address.
What does Internal server error mean?
Implement exponential backoff to resubmit the API request. If the same request always fails with a response code 500 or you see a high number of requests that fail with a response code 500, contact us.
I'm using the Core Reporting API v3, why should I migrate to the Google Analytics Reporting API v4?
To use the features implemented in v4 only. Additionally, the Reporting API v4 offers a more flexible quota model that allows for a higher QPS than v3 and will continue to evolve in the future.
Can I keep the increased quotas for both the Core Reporting API v3 and the Google Analytics Reporting API v4?
No. Assume that you have increased your request quota for v3 to x. If you migrate to v4, you will also get x for v4, but the v3 quota will ultimately be reverted back to the default quota at the end of the transition period that lasts about 3 months from the moment of the API v4 quota is increased".
Why do I need to join the Google Analytics Technology Partner Program?
If you join the Technology Partner Program, we know how you use Google Analytics APIs and how to contact your developers when a high percentage of your API requests result in errors.

Monitoring and logging API usage

How do I get errors with specific codes?
Starting with the Google Analytics Reporting API v4, you can use the Developer Console to see a breakdown of the API requests by response error code. Please note it is not currently possible to use the Developer Console to see the data for individual requests.
My application is installed on end-users' machines (e.g., a browser add-on). How do I get logs, troubleshoot errors, and monitor usage?
Google Analytics API does not currently offer a centralized way to access this information. Meanwhile, you can implement Google Analytics Event Tracking to track your API errors.