This document describes a legacy version of the iOS SDK. If your new to Analyitcs, use the latest SDK. Learn more

Social Interactions - iOS SDK

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This developer guide describes how to measure social interactions using the Google Analytics SDK for iOS v2.


Social interaction measurement allows you to measure a user's interactions with various social network sharing and recommendation widgets embedded in your content.

A social interaction comprises the following fields:

  • NSString network – represents the social network with which the user is interacting (e.g. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • NSString action – represents the social action taken (e.g. Like, Share, +1, etc.).
  • NSString target (optional) – represents the content on which the social action is being taken (i.e. a specific article or video).

Social interaction data collected by the Google Analytics SDK for iOS v2.x is only available in custom reports.


To send a social interaction to Google Analytics, call sendSocial:withAction:withTarget: as in the following example, where an interaction with a Twitter Tweet button is measured on the Analytics developer site homepage:

[tracker sendSocial:@"Twitter"
         withTarget:@""];  // Send social interaction.