Run Large Reports

Reports have a maximum length of 100,000 rows in the AdSense Management API, by default. If you’re running close to these limits, or running into performance issues while processing the data, here are some tips that may help.

Reducing the scale of your report

The first thing to look for when trying to make a report smaller is the list of dimensions you’re using; each dimension you add has a multiplicative effect on the number of returned rows. Make sure you only add the dimensions you need!

Splitting your reports

Sometimes, you only need extremely accurate data for a portion of the report, with the rest allowing for less detail. For example, you could need extremely accurate details for the previous month's earnings, with stats per country and channel across every day, but only really need the country-level data when looking before that. You could therefore run a complex report for the previous month, but a simpler one for the time before that.

Avoid JSON parsing by switching to CSV

The AdSense Management API allows you to receive your reports in CSV format, rather than the usual JSON.

To do that, simply call the alternate generateCsv method.



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