enum Company.Type (v202405)

The type of the company. Once a company is created, it is not possible to change its type.

Enumeration Description
HOUSE_ADVERTISER The publisher's own advertiser. When no outside advertiser buys its inventory, the publisher may run its own advertising campaigns.
HOUSE_AGENCY The publisher's own agency.
ADVERTISER A business entity that buys publisher inventory to run advertising campaigns. An advertiser is optionally associated with one or more agencies.
AGENCY A business entity that offers services, such as advertising creation, placement, and management, to advertisers.
AD_NETWORK A company representing multiple advertisers and agencies.
PARTNER A company representing a partner.
CHILD_PUBLISHER A company representing a child network.
VIEWABILITY_PROVIDER A company representing a viewability provider.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.