enum CustomTargetingError.Reason (v202308)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
KEY_NOT_FOUND Requested CustomTargetingKey is not found.
KEY_COUNT_TOO_LARGE Number of CustomTargetingKey objects created exceeds the limit allowed for the network.
KEY_NAME_DUPLICATE CustomTargetingKey with the same CustomTargetingKey.name already exists.
KEY_NAME_EMPTY CustomTargetingKey.name is empty.
KEY_NAME_INVALID_LENGTH CustomTargetingKey.name is too long.
KEY_NAME_INVALID_CHARS CustomTargetingKey.name contains unsupported or reserved characters.
KEY_NAME_RESERVED CustomTargetingKey.name matches one of the reserved custom targeting key names.
KEY_DISPLAY_NAME_INVALID_LENGTH CustomTargetingKey.displayName is too long.
KEY_STATUS_NOT_ACTIVE Key is not active.
VALUE_NOT_FOUND Requested CustomTargetingValue is not found.
GET_VALUES_BY_STATEMENT_MUST_CONTAIN_KEY_ID The WHERE clause in the Statement.query must always contain CustomTargetingValue.customTargetingKeyId as one of its columns in a way that it is AND'ed with the rest of the query.
VALUE_COUNT_FOR_KEY_TOO_LARGE The number of CustomTargetingValue objects associated with a CustomTargetingKey exceeds the network limit. This is only applicable for keys of type CustomTargetingKey.Type#PREDEFINED.
VALUE_NAME_DUPLICATE CustomTargetingValue with the same CustomTargetingValue.name already exists.
VALUE_NAME_EMPTY CustomTargetingValue.name is empty.
VALUE_NAME_INVALID_LENGTH CustomTargetingValue.name is too long.
VALUE_NAME_INVALID_CHARS CustomTargetingValue.name contains unsupported or reserved characters.
VALUE_DISPLAY_NAME_INVALID_LENGTH CustomTargetingValue.displayName is too long.
VALUE_MATCH_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED Only Ad Manager 360 networks can have CustomTargetingValue.matchType other than CustomTargetingValue.MatchType.EXACT.
VALUE_MATCH_TYPE_NOT_EXACT_FOR_PREDEFINED_KEY You can only create CustomTargetingValue objects with match type CustomTargetingValue.MatchType.EXACT when associating with CustomTargetingKey objects of type CustomTargetingKey.Type.PREDEFINED
SUFFIX_MATCH_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED CustomTargetingValue object cannot have match type of CustomTargetingValue.MatchType.SUFFIX when adding a CustomTargetingValue to a line item.
CONTAINS_MATCH_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED CustomTargetingValue object cannot have match type of CustomTargetingValue.MatchType.CONTAINS when adding a CustomTargetingValue to targeting expression of a line item.
VALUE_STATUS_NOT_ACTIVE Value is not active.
KEY_WITH_MISSING_VALUES The CustomTargetingKey does not have any CustomTargetingValue associated with it.
INVALID_VALUE_FOR_KEY The CustomTargetingKey has a CustomTargetingValue specified for which the value is not a valid child.
CANNOT_OR_DIFFERENT_KEYS CustomCriteriaSet.LogicalOperator.OR operation cannot be applied to values with different keys.
INVALID_TARGETING_EXPRESSION Targeting expression is invalid. This can happen if the sequence of operators is wrong, or a node contains invalid number of children.
DELETED_KEY_CANNOT_BE_USED_FOR_TARGETING The key has been deleted. CustomCriteria cannot have deleted keys.
DELETED_VALUE_CANNOT_BE_USED_FOR_TARGETING The value has been deleted. CustomCriteria cannot have deleted values.
VIDEO_BROWSE_BY_KEY_CANNOT_BE_USED_FOR_CUSTOM_TARGETING The key is set as the video browse-by key, which cannot be used for custom targeting.
CANNOT_DELETE_CUSTOM_KEY_USED_IN_CONTENT_METADATA_MAPPING Only active custom-criteria keys are supported in content metadata mapping.
CANNOT_DELETE_CUSTOM_VALUE_USED_IN_CONTENT_METADATA_MAPPING Only active custom-criteria values are supported in content metadata mapping.
CANNOT_DELETE_CUSTOM_KEY_USED_IN_PARTNER_ASSIGNMENT_TARGETING Cannot delete a custom criteria key that is targeted by an active partner assignment.
CANNOT_DELETE_CUSTOM_VALUE_USED_IN_PARTNER_ASSIGNMENT_TARGETING Cannot delete a custom criteria value that is targeted by an active partner assignment.
CANNOT_TARGET_AUDIENCE_SEGMENT AudienceSegment object cannot be targeted.
CANNOT_TARGET_THIRD_PARTY_AUDIENCE_SEGMENT Third party AudienceSegment cannot be targeted.
CANNOT_TARGET_INACTIVE_AUDIENCE_SEGMENT Inactive AudienceSegment object cannot be targeted.
INVALID_AUDIENCE_SEGMENTS Targeted AudienceSegment object is not valid.
CANNOT_TARGET_MAPPED_METADATA Mapped metadata key-values are deprecated and cannot be targeted.
ONLY_APPROVED_AUDIENCE_SEGMENTS_CAN_BE_TARGETED Targeted AudienceSegment objects have not been approved.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.