enum LineItemError.Reason (v202308)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
ALREADY_STARTED Some changes may not be allowed because a line item has already started.
UPDATE_RESERVATION_NOT_ALLOWED Update reservation is not allowed because a line item has already started, users must pause the line item first.
ALL_ROADBLOCK_NOT_ALLOWED Roadblocking to display all creatives is not allowed.
ALL_COMPANION_DELIVERY_NOT_ALLOWED Companion delivery to display all creatives is not allowed.
CREATIVE_SET_ROADBLOCK_NOT_ALLOWED Roadblocking to display all master and companion creative set is not allowed.
FRACTIONAL_PERCENTAGE_NOT_ALLOWED Fractional percentage is not allowed.
DISCOUNT_NOT_ALLOWED For certain LineItem configurations discounts are not allowed.
UPDATE_CANCELED_LINE_ITEM_NOT_ALLOWED Updating a canceled line item is not allowed.
UPDATE_PENDING_APPROVAL_LINE_ITEM_NOT_ALLOWED Updating a pending approval line item is not allowed.
UPDATE_ARCHIVED_LINE_ITEM_NOT_ALLOWED Updating an archived line item is not allowed.
CREATE_OR_UPDATE_LEGACY_DFP_LINE_ITEM_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED Create or update legacy dfp line item type is not allowed.
COPY_LINE_ITEM_FROM_DIFFERENT_COMPANY_NOT_ALLOWED Copying line item from different company (advertiser) to the same order is not allowed.
INVALID_SIZE_FOR_PLATFORM The size is invalid for the specified platform.
INVALID_LINE_ITEM_TYPE_FOR_PLATFORM The line item type is invalid for the specified platform.
INVALID_WEB_PROPERTY_FOR_PLATFORM The web property cannot be served on the specified platform.
INVALID_WEB_PROPERTY_FOR_ENVIRONMENT The web property cannot be served on the specified environment.
AFMA_BACKFILL_NOT_ALLOWED AFMA backfill not supported.
UPDATE_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED Environment type cannot change once saved.
COMPANIONS_NOT_ALLOWED The placeholders are invalid because they contain companions, but the line item does not support companions.
ROADBLOCKS_WITH_NONROADBLOCKS_NOT_ALLOWED The placeholders are invalid because some of them are roadblocks, and some are not. Either all roadblock placeholders must contain companions, or no placeholders may contain companions. This does not apply to video creative sets.
CANNOT_UPDATE_TO_OR_FROM_CREATIVE_SET_ROADBLOCK A line item cannot be updated from having RoadblockingType.CREATIVE_SET to having a different RoadblockingType, or vice versa.
UPDATE_FROM_BACKFILL_LINE_ITEM_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED Can not change from a backfill line item type once creatives have been assigned.
UPDATE_TO_BACKFILL_LINE_ITEM_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED Can not change to a backfill line item type once creatives have been assigned.
UPDATE_BACKFILL_WEB_PROPERTY_NOT_ALLOWED Can not change to backfill web property once creatives have been assigned.
INVALID_COMPANION_DELIVERY_OPTION_FOR_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE The companion delivery option is not valid for your environment type.
COMPANION_BACKFILL_REQUIRES_VIDEO Companion backfill is enabled but environment type not video.
COMPANION_DELIVERY_OPTION_REQUIRE_PREMIUM Companion delivery options require Ad Manager 360 networks.
DUPLICATE_MASTER_SIZES The master size of placeholders have duplicates.
INVALID_PRIORITY_FOR_LINE_ITEM_TYPE The line item priority is invalid if for dynamic allocation line items it is different than the default for free publishers. When allowed, Ad Manager 360 users can change the priority to any value.
INVALID_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE The environment type is not valid.
INVALID_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE_FOR_PLATFORM The environment type is not valid for the target platform.
INVALID_TYPE_FOR_AUTO_EXTENSION Only LineItemType.STANDARD line items can be auto extended.
VIDEO_INVALID_ROADBLOCKING Video line items cannot change the roadblocking type.
BACKFILL_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED The backfill feature is not enabled according to your features.
DIFFERENT_BACKFILL_ACCOUNT All line items in a programmatic order must have web property codes from the same account.
COMPANION_DELIVERY_OPTIONS_NOT_ALLOWED_WITH_BACKFILL Companion delivery options are not allowed with dynamic allocation line items.
INVALID_WEB_PROPERTY_FOR_ADX_BACKFILL Dynamic allocation using the AdExchange should always use an AFC web property.
INVALID_COST_PER_UNIT_FOR_BACKFILL CPM for backfill inventory must be 0.
INVALID_SIZE_FOR_ENVIRONMENT Aspect ratio sizes cannot be used with video line items.
TARGET_PLATOFRM_NOT_ALLOWED The specified target platform is not allowed.
INVALID_LINE_ITEM_CURRENCY Currency on a line item must be one of the specified network currencies.
LINE_ITEM_CANNOT_HAVE_MULTIPLE_CURRENCIES All money fields on a line item must specify the same currency.
CANNOT_CHANGE_CURRENCY Once a line item has moved into a a delivering state the currency cannot be changed.
INVALID_LINE_ITEM_DATE_TIME A DateTime associated with the line item is not valid.
INVALID_COST_PER_UNIT_FOR_CPA CPA line items must specify a zero cost for the LineItem.costPerUnit.
UPDATE_CPA_COST_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED Once a LineItem is activated its LineItem.costPerUnit cannot be updated to/from CPA.
UPDATE_VCPM_COST_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED Once a LineItem is activated its LineItem.costPerUnit cannot be updated to/from Viewable CPM.
MASTER_COMPANION_LINE_ITEM_CANNOT_HAVE_VCPM_COST_TYPE A LineItem with master/companion creative placeholders cannot have Viewable CPM as its LineItem.costPerUnit.
DUPLICATED_UNIT_TYPE There cannot be goals with duplicated unit type among the secondary goals for a line items.
MULTIPLE_GOAL_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED The secondary goals of a line items must have the same goal type.
INVALID_UNIT_TYPE_COMBINATION_FOR_SECONDARY_GOALS For a CPA line item, the possible combinations for secondary goals must be either click-through conversion only, click-through conversion with view-through conversion or total conversion only. For a Viewable CPM line item or a CPM based Sponsorship line item, its secondary goal has to be impression-based.
INVALID_CREATIVE_TARGETING_NAME One or more of the targeting names specified by a creative placeholder or line item creative association were not found on the line item.
INVALID_CREATIVE_CUSTOM_TARGETING_MATCH_TYPE Creative targeting expressions on the line item can only have custom criteria targeting with CustomTargetingValue.MatchType.EXACT.
INVALID_CREATIVE_ROTATION_TYPE_WITH_CREATIVE_TARGETING Line item with creative targeting expressions cannot have creative rotation type set to CreativeRotationType.SEQUENTIAL.
CANNOT_OVERBOOK_WITH_CREATIVE_TARGETING Line items cannot overbook inventory when applying creative-level targeting if the originating proposal line item did not overbook inventory. Remove creative-level targeting and try again.
PLACEHOLDERS_DO_NOT_MATCH_PROPOSAL For a managed line item, inventory sizes must match sizes that are set on the originating proposal line item. In the case that a size is broken out by creative-level targeting, the sum of the creative counts for each size must equal the expected creative count that is set for that size on the originating proposal line item.
UNSUPPORTED_LINE_ITEM_TYPE_FOR_THIS_API_VERSION The line item type is not supported for this API version.
NATIVE_CREATIVE_TEMPLATE_REQUIRED Placeholders can only have native creative templates.
CANNOT_HAVE_CREATIVE_TEMPLATE Non-native placeholders cannot have creative templates.
CANNOT_INCLUDE_NATIVE_CREATIVE_TEMPLATE Cannot include native creative templates in the placeholders for Ad Exchange line items.
CANNOT_INCLUDE_NATIVE_PLACEHOLDER_WITHOUT_TEMPLATE_ID Cannot include native placeholders without native creative templates for direct-sold line items.
NO_SIZE_WITH_DURATION For forecasting only, error when line item has duration, but no creative sizes specified.
INVALID_VIEWABILITY_PROVIDER_COMPANY Used when the company pointed to by the viewabilityProviderCompanyId is not of type VIEWABILITY_PROVIDER.
CANNOT_ACCESS_CUSTOM_PACING_CURVE_CLOUD_STORAGE_BUCKET An error occurred while accessing the custom pacing curve Google Cloud Storage bucket.
CMS_METADATA_LINE_ITEM_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED CMS Metadata targeting is only supported for video line items.
SKIPPABLE_AD_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED The SkippableAdType is not allowed.
CUSTOM_PACING_CURVE_START_TIME_MUST_MATCH_LINE_ITEM_START_TIME Custom pacing curve start time must match the line item's start time.
CUSTOM_PACING_CURVE_START_TIME_PAST_LINE_ITEM_END_TIME Custom pacing curve goal start time must be before line item end time.
INVALID_LINE_ITEM_TYPE_FOR_DELIVERY_FORECAST_SOURCE The line item type is invalid for the specified delivery forecast source.
INVALID_TOTAL_CUSTOM_PACING_GOAL_AMOUNTS The sum of the custom pacing goal amounts is invalid.
COPY_LINE_ITEM_WITH_CUSTOM_PACING_CURVE_FULLY_IN_PAST_NOT_ALLOWED Copying line items with custom pacing curves that are totally in the past is not allowed.
LAST_CUSTOM_PACING_GOAL_AMOUNT_CANNOT_BE_ZERO The last custom pacing goal cannot be zero.
GRP_PACED_LINE_ITEM_CANNOT_HAVE_ABSOLUTE_CUSTOM_PACING_CURVE_GOALS GRP paced line items cannot have absolute custom pacing curve goals.
INVALID_MAX_VIDEO_CREATIVE_DURATION line item has invalid video creative duration.
INVALID_NATIVE_SIZE Native size types must by 1x1.
INVALID_TARGETED_REQUEST_PLATFORM_FOR_WEB_PROPERTY_CODE For AdExchange Line Items, the targeted request platform must match the syndication type of the web property code.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.