CreateLease method



Return value



  • lease_id must be created by the partner backend and set in the CreateLeaseResponse.
  • lease_expiration_time must be set in the CreateLeaseResponse.
  • If the resources field is specified in the CreateLeaseRequest, then it must be set in the CreateLeaseResponse, and match the CreateLeaseRequest.
  • All other fields in the CreateLeaseResponse must be set and match the CreateLeaseRequest.

Canonical gRPC error codes

  • INVALID_ARGUMENT (invalid merchant ID, service ID, client reference or slot time specification)
  • ALREADY_EXISTS (if the client already has a lease on the slot)
  • RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED (if the slot is not available)
// Request to create a [] for a slot in the
// inventory.  The expiration time in the returned Lease may be modified by the
// backend, e.g. if the requested lease period is too long.
message CreateLeaseRequest {
  // The lease to be created with information about the appointment slot
  Lease lease = 1;

// Response for the [] RPC with the
// created []
message CreateLeaseResponse {
  // The created []
  Lease lease = 1;