BatchAvailabilityLookup method

When a BatchCheckAvailabilityLookup is issued, the partner booking server verifies that the requested appointment slots are currently valid and available. This can be used by the Actions Center to ensure that only current slots are presented to users during the reservation flow.



Return value


Canonical gRPC error codes

  • INVALID_ARGUMENT (invalid merchant ID, service ID, or slot time specification)
message BatchAvailabilityLookupRequest {
  // ID of the merchant.
  string merchant_id = 1;

  // Multiple slot times to be checked for availability. All queried times apply
  // to the same merchant_id and service_id.
  repeated SlotTime slot_time = 3;

  reserved 2;

// Response for the []
// RPC with the availabilities of the appointment slots.
message BatchAvailabilityLookupResponse {
  // The availabilities for the requested SlotTime entries. There must be
  // exactly one slot_time_availability for each SlotTime entry in the
  // [].
  repeated SlotTimeAvailability slot_time_availability = 1;

The SlotTime message defines slots that will be queried on the partner side.

// Identifies a Slot service_id and start time and optionally, the Slot duration
// and resources, for a specific merchant. Note that this differs from the
// definition of Slot, as it does not include merchant_id identifier.
message SlotTime {
  // ID of the service. (required)
  string service_id = 5;

  // Start time of the appointment slot in seconds of UTC time since Unix epoch
  // (required)
  int64 start_sec = 1;

  // Duration of the appointment slot in seconds (optional)
  int64 duration_sec = 2;

  // Opaque tag that identifies the availability slot and matches the value
  // provided in the availability feed (optional)
  string availability_tag = 3;

  // The set of resources that specifies the appointment slot, e.g. by
  // indicating the staff member and room selected by the user, or party size
  // for dining slots (optional)
  Resources resources = 4;

In response, the booking server returns the SlotTimeAvailability messages.

message SlotTimeAvailability {
  // The SlotTime for which availability was checked.
  SlotTime slot_time = 1;

  // Whether the requested SlotTime is available
  bool available = 2;