Street View for Web Platforms

This page shows ways you can embed photo spheres on any website with an interactive, 360-degree panorama viewer just like you see in Street View on Google Maps.

Street View in the Maps Embed API

The Google Maps Embed API lets you display Street View images on your site or blog as interactive photo spheres. Google Street View provides panoramic views from designated locations throughout its coverage area. User contributed photo spheres, and Street View special collections are also available.

Here is an example of an embedded interactive photo sphere:

Street View in the Maps JavaScript API

The Street View Service in the Maps JavaScript API allows you to programmatically retrieve and display Street View photo spheres.

The service provides panoramic 360 degree views from designated roads throughout its coverage area. Street View's API coverage is the same as that for the Google Maps application. The list of currently supported cities for Street View is available at the Google Maps website.

Street View Image API

The Google Street View Image API lets you embed a static (non-interactive) thumbnail of a photo sphere into your webpage without the use of JavaScript. This is helpful for creating galleries of multiple photo spheres.

Here is an example of a static image URL for a photo sphere: