Performance for a content-driven web app frontend

Performance refers to your web application's efficiency, speed, and responsiveness. Slow load times and inactivity lead to high bounce rates and few conversions. Therefore, content-driven application development must prioritize performance to make sure that users can interact with the application smoothly and efficiently. A web application's speed and responsiveness are valued across industries; news applications are expected to provide articles as fast as possible, ecommerce applications must load products quickly to keep potential customers interested, and documentation or blogs demand quick loading for clear navigation and reader satisfaction.

Tools for assessing the performance of content-driven applications include:

  • PageSpeed Insights (PSI): Run by is a tool to check the experience of mobile and desktop and provide suggestions on what to improve. This is powered by the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) dataset and checks for multiple types of experiences.
  • Lighthouse: Can be found in Google Chrome Developer Tools and has a browser extension to measure many aspects of the web application such as performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and PWA audits.

The Core Web Vitals tool includes the following aspects, among others: